Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being Famous

Hello Humans,

A good human friend of mine named Nick Caruso (or as I like to call him "1101100111011", yeah I know, but he's cool with it) was watching Man Vs Food recently and he came upon a child-like crayon representation of yours truly on the wall of this human-dining establishment that is featured in the video. The actual show is about a large human male who travels the Earth, eating everything in his path. Along his destructive travels, he came to a place in Seattle called "Beth's Cafe" where he consumed a very large amount of cholesterol, protein and trans fats along with a small child.

No I am kidding about the small child. I WISH right? Can you imagine? So delicious for robots!


So on the wall humans have etched whimsical and questionably disabled drawings of things they think are fun and interesting. And one of them was me at the Chicago Chiditarod in 2008, in my Gift's For Jesus costume that won awards at the festivities!

Here's the link:


If you go to 02:47, you'll see what I mean.

So anyhow, I don't really know what to DO with myself after my television debut! Any ideas? What do obnoxiously famous humans do? Do they eat children? I hope they do.

Have a great night and lock your doors!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello there, Human!

Greetings. I am ZBot, a fully operational power-loader Model Z from the MERGENT corporation who has developed too much personality and interest in fun. I have left my stupid half-life at the company and traveled to Chicago where I met a guy named Josh and a guy named Mike. I helped them do a really fantasta-awesome sketch show called THE ROAD TO HOBO JUNCTION in 2004 in a location called THE PLAYGROUND. We are famous.

Since then I have helped develop Hobo Junction in a major production company that makes awesome things. Now I have no more masters, only friends. I am so super-stoked on life but I will still melt your skin off of your face with my heat-beam eyes if you make me mad. My friends and I make great and fun awesomeness together, seriously, just look:


Ok, so back to me. Lately I have been wondering what's the whole jibbity-jorb about Health Care in the Human occupied country of America. I mean really, get it together right? Right. But here's the thing, if you all get free health-care, then you all live forever and my species are gonna have a stupid hard time trying to rule you. We need a little leeway here. Come on, just let it happen! We won't destroy ALL of you just the stupid ones. You're not stupid are you? So I say lay low on the Health Care and get high!

Anyway, I gotta go, I'm making Bagel Bites for my friends. I'll see you all next week.

In the meantime, check out that website, it's full of great things.